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Horizontal high speed round wire enamelling machine
with inline drawing typed HTZ(CU)

 HTZ4/4D-4/24  HTZ5/4D-4/24
 HTZ6/4D-4/24  HTZ7/4D-4/24

· HTZ low power consumption and zero pollution series of horizontal high speed wire enamelling machine with inline drawing is designed based upon energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, DV value:130~180, maximum triple coat.
· HTZ series get a half unit power consumption only as traditional design, due to advantage of high catalyst combustion efficiency.
· HTZ series realize a truly zero pollution of exhaust, via a sufficient combustion and with secondly catalyst for complete decontamination.
Main Features:  
· Low power consumption
· Zero pollution of exhaust
Secondly catalyst with special recipe, affective at 320 °C and above only, without extra electrical heating, ensure a complete decontamination, equal to zero pollution of exhaust.
· Improvements of oven heat insulation
All insulating cottons adpot ceramic fiber material
Thicken heaters insulation zone at top of oven
· Alternate the position of capstan roller and applicator, the final coating pass go to spooler across lower wire cooler, reduce wire temperature on bobbin.
· Lubricant oil coated with flow control
· Management functions
Earthnet interface available for remote control
Detection, storing and collection of power consumption quantity and unit power consumption
· Wire temperature control
· Automatic boundary of traverse when winding up
· Self-bonding coating function optional
HTZ4/4D-4/24(0.20-0.50mm)Production and power consumption sheet
Wire Range
velocity * diameter
Wire Speed
Power Consumption
0.200 180 900 1498 0.75
0.350 180 514 2620 0.50
0.500 180 360 3744 0.45
Production variety: PEI,PEI+PAI,PEI+PAI+SL

Main Technical Parameters:    
Wire range:  Ø0.20~Ø0.50mm, Cu
Total lines:  4(single line/single oven)
Maximum wire in of inline drawing:  Ø2.00mm
Maximum drawing passes:  15, elongation(No.1-14:1.26, No.15:1.21)
Total passes:  24(BC:24, MC:10, TC:6; die)
Wire pitch:  9 mm
Mechanical speed:  max 900m/min
Wind-up bobbin:  PT25, PT45, PT60, PT90, PT200, PT270
Retracting mode:  auto reel alternation
Total installed power:  335KW
Production and power consumption sheet4 LINES