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Vertical high speed flat wire enamelling machine
with inline drawing typed VT

 VT5/4D-4/18  VT6/4D-4/15

      VT series high speed enamelling machine with in-line drawing is designed based on single(double)line single oven/high speed with high airflow, DV: 100~150,maximum triple coat,steam generator is heated by exhausted gas, the oven equipped with heat recirculation、catalyst burning unit and without electric heater inside oven chamber, also involves automatic computer control systems such as auto-string in/customer recipe/in-line drawing/automatic reel alternation and etc, which can be an idealized selection especially for high grade enamelling wire production (accompressor/avertence coil/frequency converting motor and etc).
Main Features:  
· Improvements of oven heat insulation
  All insulating cottons adpot ceramic fiber material
  Thicken heaters insulation zone at top of oven
· Lubricant oil coated with flow control
· Management functions
  Earthnet interface available for remote control
  Detection, storing and collection of power consumption quantity and unit power consumption
· Wire temperature control
VT5/4D-4/18(0.60-2.00mm)Production and power consumption sheet
Wire Range
velocity * diameter
Wire Speed
Power Consumption
0.800 130 163 4326 0.80
1.500 110 73 6864 0.60
2.000 100 50 8320 0.55
Production variety: PU,PEI,PEI+PAI+PAT

Main Technical Parameters:    
Wire range:  Ø0.80~Ø2.0mm
Total lines:  4(single line/single oven)
Maximum wire in of inline drawing:  Ø2.60mm
Maximum drawing passes:  No.1-8, elongation:1.2414 No.9, elongation:1.1750
Total passes:  18 (7+6+3+2; die)
Wire pitch:  14 mm
Mechanical speed:  max 250m/min
Wind-up bobbin:  PT25, PT45, PT60, PT90, PT200, PT270
Retracting mode:  auto reel alternation
Total installed power:  480KW
Production and power consumption sheet4 LINES